Born and raised in Ottawa Sean has been involved in the sales industry for over a decade. His interest in saving people money and speaking up for those without a voice began in his years at the University of Ottawa. As the founder and manager of the Universe City Lounge, an off-campus venue for local bands, poets, and activists to have a voice, Sean discovered his true passion: people.

In 2007, Sean was acclaimed rookie of the year by a major automotive brand for Sales in Ottawa, and for the past four years at the same dealership, Sean has continued to be in Ontario’s top 5%. His position as a top seller earned him the Lincoln Sales Manager position. In this position, he oversaw the development of a new Lincoln sales building and helped to increase the Lincoln sales in Ottawa dramatically.

Sean is passionate about learning and constantly developing his skills. He holds a double major and a minor in Psychology, Philosophy, and Sociology, and is continually taking courses to improve his sales abilities, his negotiation techniques, his client satisfaction, and himself. Sean understands that in order to provide customers with the best service he must always be developing skills.

Sean is an active member of his community. Over the years he has volunteered at Rideauwood and helps to organize and play with a local soccer team. Sean is also an avid mountain biker and hiker and really enjoys his daily walks with his two boxer dogs as a way to unwind after a full day of helping his buyer clients find their dream home.